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                           Applications of Sport Nutrition

Sports drinks include many types of beverages, all of which are designed to assist the body in different ways while to recover. With sports drinks the water loss from the body is compensated immediately before and after exercise and the body are supplied to quickly and easily provide additional protein, vitamins and minerals. These drinks (based on juice and / or milk) can also cover in the form of nutritious ready meals that can be eaten on the go who demand busy consumers

  Protein is necessary to build, maintain and repair muscle. To increase protein in the diet, you could turn to meats, which are complete protein sources because they provide all the essential amino acids. The downside to meats, especially red meat, is that they can also provide significant amounts of saturated fat and cholesterol. Another way to increase protein intake is by combining servings of incomplete proteins such as legumes and grains, but this can increase carbohydrate and calorie intake. Some powders and drinks can offer a protein alternative without significantly increasing consumption of fats, carbohydrates, cholesterol or calories