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                    Whole milk powder  

Whole milk powder, food grade

Whole milk powder is made from pure, natural fresh cows milk. Upon receipt of the milk at the dairy liquid whole milk is pasteurized, to the required level of milk fat
standardized, evaporated in a concentrate and then spray dried in a powder form

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                  Skim milk powder  

  Skimmed milk powder is made from skim milk. Milk is pasteurized in the dairies, and then set their fat content by using a spinner method. Either they must retain their full fat, then it is called whole milk or in drying method whole milk powder. Cow's milk with a fat content of about 1.5 percent is low-fat or skimmed milk. If having only 0.5 to 0.1 percent fat, it is skimmed milk. World trade in skimmed-milk powder is steadily increasing. Here, the skimmed milk from Germany is well in demand.

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        Instant-FGMP 26 % - 28 %

                  Sport Nutrition  
      Applications of Sport Nutrition  

Sports drinks include many types of beverages, all of which are designed to assist the body in different ways while to recover. With sports drinks the water loss from the body is compensated immediately before and after exercise and the body are supplied to quickly and easily provide additional protein, vitamins and minerals. These drinks (based on juice and / or milk) can also cover in the form of nutritious ready meals that can be eaten on the go who demand busy consumers
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                       Baby Feeding  
Mutter gibt Baby Milchpulver

Sometimes it works with breastfeeding immediately and it is necessary to feed a while milk substitutes to the infant but then can be fully satisfied. There are also women in whom the amount of breast milk is not sufficient or not over the full duration of breastfeeding of several months is sufficient to fully nourish the baby. In this case it is useful to supplement the lack of milk with milk powder. Some times can also be a reason a disease of the mother or professional reasons that an infant should be fed for a while with formulas.




We are a global trading company and have made it  our mission to
 find and offer customized developments and solutions for our customer partners. We are a well-established, reliable supplier in the field of dairy products such as infant formula, UHT Milk, powdered milk, butter and cheese.
Since 2007 we have been trading highest, stable quality food. We  always seek direct  contact and attach great importance to long-term cooperation with customers. We achieve this by using our extensive network of manifacturers located in the European Union, so that we can find exactly what the customers need or arrange to have it manifactured. The products that the business needs is delivered according to the requirements and specifications that the customers determine. We always look forward to serving  each individual customer with the best possible commercial services.

                                        UHT Milk                      

  Milk is a high quality food product that contains many amino acids, minerals and vitamins. About a quarter of our daily food are products that are derived from milk. The consumers in all parts of the world have increased interest in UHT milk. The flavor of pasteurized milk is more similar to that of fresh cow's milk than UHT milk. This is due to a partial caramelization of milk sugar (lactose) during UHT. The nutritional value of milk depends primarily of their fat content. Full-fat milk contains significant amounts of vitamins A, B and D as well as calcium. Low-fat or fat-free milk does contain the same amounts of protein, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc and vitamin B as full-fat milk.   
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                           Skim milk powder  
  Bildergebnis für Picture skim milk powder  

Skimmed milk powder is made from skim milk by drying milk dry product (residual water content is about 4 percent). It contains about 36 percent protein and 52 percent lactose.Saliter skimmed milk powder is spray dried out good Allgäu milk with high-quality milk protein as a basis of healthy nutrition. Ideal for stockpiling at home or on the go. Example of applications: bakery, delicatessen, Eiscrem, chocolate, chocolate products, soups, sauces, delicatessen, meat products.
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                             Infant formula ( Baby milk power)


ThThe selection of industrially produced infant replacement foods is great and since one is overwhelmed, which is for now the best purchase for his child. We as a wholesale company constantly monitor the milk market, the industrial production and related tests and other health checks. Based on the experience gained from this we recommend to our customers what to buy suitable for their children, which we will consider very carefully that the infant formula is in conformity with the EU-rich line, which exactly determines how this milk must be  composed.           

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                                        Whey powder  

Whey is the watery greenish-yellow residual liquid that is formed during the production of cheese and dried by removal of water by means of concentration. The dried liquid is then the whey powder. It is used as a source of animal protein for the preparation of industrial food.
Example: bakery, confectionery (creams, fillings), margarine, drinks

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           Whole Milk Powder  
Bildergebnis für Bilder zu vollmilchpulver  
Whole milk powder
is a spray dried whole milk powder
.  It finds versatile use. This includes the use for cooking and baking, chocolate and ice-crem and children food. Whole milk powder generally has a water content of about 87.5 percent. This is for powder production reduced to about 3 percent  (unfree water). For the production of one kilogram of dry milk powder are  about six to seven liters of milk  required. Whole milk powder is made from whole milk by drying Truck. Before Truck drying step will increase the amount of dry matter in evaporators. The finished product contains about 26 percent fat, 25 percent protein.


          Milk powder in 25kg bags

The packaging of large quantities of milk powder is carried out in cooperation with our customers in 25 kg sacks.  Milk powder takes
- in paper sacks packed -  ittle space and can be easily stored and transported. There is no cooling required and the powder is quickly just by adding water and boil again ready to drink.

  Many countries, the producers of milk, export their surplus of milk in the many parts of the world where local demand exceeds supply. Importing billion liters of UHT milk which has a shelf life of only three months, can not cover the demand  sufficiently. Therefore the importing countries import increased dried milk powder, which has a shelf life of  up to three years.

We always strive to satisfy the needs of our import customers also in large requested quantity. The standard pack is a lined, multi-walled paper sack, which provides a barrier to moisture and oxygen. The sacks are heat sealed too and bottom for maximum protection. No staples or metal fasteners are used.

25 kg. Bag ( 40 bags x 25 kg per pallet.



The selection of cheeses is very abundant. Their eating habits also: In every home, hotel and restaurant, cheese  can not be missing. Eaten it is not only for breakfast but also for dinner. Our import customers, particularly in the countries outside the European Union, we fulfill their individual requests for each type of cheese with our consulting and delivery, any time



Butter is the most delicate animal fat. Legally it may solely made from cream and whey produced by the cow and must contain at least 82% fatty substance. In water content of 16 percent  should not be exceeded, so that the milk product is allowed to be sold. Other ingredients of the butter, the milk components, lactose, minerals, cholesterol, protein, fat soluble vitamins, lactic and acid. Even the selection of butters and uses possibilities are numerous.



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